2016-2017 Team Representatives Contact Information

Are you interested in being a team representative for NHSAB?  Several teams still need NHSAB Team Representatives.  Please discuss this with your team’s coach.

Team Financial Representative Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Advocate with team families the benefits of NHS Athletic Booster Membership.  Encourage families to sponsor another athlete's membership.  Ensure that adequate funds are raised for the season's expenses. Encourage online donations; coordinate check donations with the NHSAB Financial Secretary.
  2. Lead team fund raising via 5K sponsorship, or other team fund raising tools. 
  3. Recruit a team 5k registration coordinator.  This volunteer monitors athlete registration in the 5k race with a goal that all athletes participate.   Recruit parent volunteers for the team's 5k race responsibilities.

NHSAB Financial Team Representatives – ideal candidates

  • Well connected in the local business community
  • Willing to raise funds by leveraging relationships
  • Willing to advocate NHSAB membership to fund gap in school funds
  • Excel skills and basic bookkeeping/reconciliation skills

Helpful Information