Check Request 2019-2020 NHSAB

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Northwood HS Athletics Boosters administrates team expenses based on vendor invoices or paid receipts. Please complete the information below. 

* You do not need to provide a paper check request. Upload invoices/receipts here.
* Expenditures greater than $999 must be paid to the vendor.
* Detailed invoices with date, products, quantities and price must be submitted. 
* A credit card receipt, without the details, is not sufficient, except for team food at restaurants. Amount must be less than $200. Otherwise, provide full receipt.

TIMING: Checks are issued weekly. Check requests submitted here by Tuesday at 9 a.m. will be paid and delivered to NHS front office mailboxes or mailed by Friday at 9 a.m.

IMPORTANT: All coaching, athlete transportation and team tournaments conducted during IUSD Summer athletic camp or the official school year MUST be paid for by IUSD, not Boosters. 
Do not submit invoices/expense reimbursement requests for these activities. 

QUESTIONS? about this form or when you will receive payment? Fiona Freeland at or text/call her at 949.241.1872

POLICY/TIMING EXCEPTION QUESTIONS? Please contact our Treasurer Susan Berkel at or 714.273.7506 or President John Arena at or 213.280.4078.