2019-2020 Team Representatives Contact Information

Are you interested in being a team representative for NHSAB?  Several teams still need NHSAB Team Representatives.  Please discuss this with your team’s coach.

Team Financial Representative Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Solicit Donations. Asks each athlete’s family for voluntary donations OR for the family to communicate that the athlete needs a financial sponsor (i.e. get an answer!) Coordinates additional fundraising approaches if family donations are too low. NHSAB provides example emails and online tools!!

  2. Remit Donations/Encourage On-line Donations. Submits cash receipts when cash/checks are received. Encourages families to use on-line tools to eliminate bank deposits.

  3. Track Donations. Tracks, by athlete, the voluntary donations, advertising/product sales, Friends and Family donation results and other fundraising results and passes the information onto the next year’s FTR. NHSAB provides cumulative data each month!

  4. Attend Meetings and Update NHSAB team. Reports fundraising results monthly to NHSAB by attending meetings or providing written summary to the secretary in advance of the meeting.

  5. Monitor Financial Statements. Reviews the monthly NHSAB and School Restricted Gift Account financial statements to ensure that the team has adequate funding for the school year and will have next year’s coaching stipends on hand at June 30.

  6. Prepare Budgets. Assists with the team’s next school year and summer camp expense and fundraising budgeting.

NHSAB Financial Team Representatives – ideal candidates

  • Willing to raise funds by asking for donations at parent meetings, via emails, phone calls and in person discussion with athletes’ families

  • Willing to lead a friends and family campaign, if parent donations are short of the school year’s team budget

  • Willing to leverage community relationships for 5K and Golf Tournament sponsorships to fund your team’s budget

  • Excel skills and basic bookkeeping/reconciliation skills a plus (or partner with another parent for record keeping)

Helpful Information